When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care

The type of care your elderly loved one requires can change over time. You may soon need to choose between memory care assisted living facilities. Finalizing that decision is not so simple, however. For starters, there is no guarantee that your older relative will agree to the move. They are more likely to decline if they have grown attached to their current living arrangements. Sometimes though, you still need to make those difficult decisions. Please feel free to continue with this article to learn more about making the transition from assisted living to memory care facilities. How Do Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities Differ from One Another? To determine what kind of care your loved one needs, you must first learn about the capabilities of the available options. They are not all the same, and…

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Finding a home for your loved one

Feel free to print this out and use it.  Dan TO DO’S Identify homes that are geographically located close where you want the resident to live. Call each home and ask if there is availability. The ones that have openings, take a copy of this list and ‘show up’ for a visit. When you arrive, ask to walk around immediately. Look in each room, bedroom, bathroom and around the facility. Look at the residents. Talk to the residents. Ask if they like it there. Then sit down with this list, (one page of questions for each facility). Ask the questions and write down the answers as you get them.   QUESTIONS TO ASK How long has this facility been open? Are you licensed? May I see a copy of the license? How many beds are there?…

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What is Assisted Living & Is It Worth It?

Because it is a less well-known service offered for elderly care, many people still often ask “what is assisted living?” Assisted living bridges the gap between fully independent living and various levels of round-the-clock care. It gives seniors an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living on their own without most of the restrictions necessary in facilities where residents have more affected capabilities. In assisted living, residents live in apartment- or townhouse-style dwellings. Residents have access to three meals a day, social events, and other amenities. Many strive to resemble a resort or an apartment complex more than a senior living facility. What Kind of Patient Thrives Best In Assisted Living? Residents who do best in assisted living are those with some ability to live without supervision and the will to remain independent as long as…

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Mild Alzheimer’s

The most common early symptom is trouble recalling something you just learned. In this early stage, you may also notice it's a little harder to remember other things, make decisions, and find your way around new places. Other people may not notice your symptoms at first. You may find that you: *Forget where you put everyday things *Get lost *Have trouble with complex tasks, like paying bills or planning a party *Have trouble coming up with the right words sometimes *Feel less social or moody

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