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Respite Care San Diego | Everyone Needs a Break

by Dan Bailey

One of the most difficult things for a caregiver to do is to take time out for self-care. Making the decision to include Respite Care San Diego into your care plan could be one of the best things you can do for your loved one and yourself. Dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s […]

Memory Care or Assisted Living? Making the Best Choice for Mom or Dad

by Dan Bailey

Senior care facilities come in many types, such as memory care and assisted living, and choosing the best community for your mother or father can be confusing. Rule of thumb is that the right place will help keep your parent safe, while also maximizing his or her independence. To make this decision, you need to […]

Alzheimer’s Dementia Care | 5 important Safety Precautions

by Dan Bailey

Alzheimer’s is a complex disease that demands, among other things, dramatic changes in a patient’s surroundings. Alzheimer’s dementia care involves important safety precautions that should be addressed right away. Before we can give attention to treatments and therapies, we initially want to be sure that our loved ones are safe. It can be difficult to […]

Annual Pinning Ceremony | Honoring Our Veterans

by Dan Bailey

Lakeside Manor is full of heritage and deep rooted traditions. Every year we make sure to honor our veterans who proudly served our country by hosting the Annual Pinning Ceremony. This year we would like to send a special thanks to Apreva Hospice  who was gracious enough to sponsor the event. The Pinning Ceremony is an […]