Finding a home for your loved one

Feel free to print this out and use it.  Dan


Identify homes that are geographically located close where you want the resident to live.

Call each home and ask if there is availability.

The ones that have openings, take a copy of this list and ‘show up’ for a visit.

When you arrive, ask to walk around immediately.

Look in each room, bedroom, bathroom and around the facility.

Look at the residents. Talk to the residents. Ask if they like it there.

Then sit down with this list, (one page of questions for each facility).

Ask the questions and write down the answers as you get them.



How long has this facility been open?

Are you licensed?
May I see a copy of the license?
How many beds are there?
How many beds are available now?
How many staff are there?
How many staff are there from 6AM to 6PM each day?
Is there awake staff at night?
Does the home specialize in the disease that your parent suffers from (dementia, stroke, etc.)?
Is there a special care for Alzheimer’s or dementia?
What is the daily routine?
What activities are there daily?
What are the visiting hours?
Can residents bring personal items and furniture?
What common areas are there inside? Outside?
When are mealtimes?
Can I get a copy of the menu?
What was served yesterday for Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
Where is the food prepared?
Are snacks provided between meals?
What kind of snacks?
How often do you shop for food?
If my loved one doesn’t want what is served, what is provided?
Who controls the medications?
Do you use med logs or a MAR record for each resident?
Who orders the medications?
If a resident is given the wrong medication, what do you do?
Do doctors come to the home?
When was the last doctor visit to the home?
Can residents continue to see their personal doctors?
In a medical emergency, who do you call for help?
Are paramedics available to come to the home in an emergency?
When was the last time they were called?
Can I get their phone number? (You want to visit them and ask about the home)
Do you do hospice care?
Is the charge the same?
If more, why – hospice is paid for by Medicare, what do you charge more for?
Can I get a list of people who have placed here to call for recommendation?
What is the cost per month?
What is your refund policy?
Do you charge extra for anything?
How often do you change your rates?
If my loved one dies there, do you refund the balance of money?
Does the facility have any complaints or lawsuits filed against it?
What is the complaint?
May I talk to one of your staff in private? If yes, ask the staff member about the facility and the owner.

Good luck … happy hunting.