Is it Alzeihmer’s or Dementia?

Actually it’s called Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type.

‘Dementia’ is an umbrella term,  Alzheimer’s being the most prevalent type of dementia.  The two most common types of dementia are Alzheimer’s Disease (apprx. 65%) and vascular dementia or those incidents caused by loss of blood to or in the brain – more commonly called strokes.  There are also TIA’s – trans ischemic attacks or mini-strokes.

Dementias are characterized by loss of memory especially short-term, loss of thinking skills including reasoning and judgement, confusion regarding time and place orientation, inability to conduct task sequencing such as cooking and a demise of feeling good about one’s self or well-being.  There may also be aphasia;  a loss of the comprehension and expression of language caused by dysfunction in the brain.

Next we’ll get in to some more of the terminology of dementia.  Until then, have good thoughts … and enjoy them.