November is Native American Heritage month and in the art class we made “Amate” paintings. Amate is paper that is handmade by the Otomi Indians of Mexico out of natural tree bark. However, in lieu of the real thing, we made ours out of up-cycled brown paper bags. We then used patterns similar to those found in Mexican folk art. They came out so nice, Johanna, the manager, suggested using them as place mats so names were added.

Johanna’s son, grandkids, and grandnieces joined in on the fun!
For residents who needed more help, a young person paired up with them and they painted together.
Others mostly just needed encouragement
A sampling of their finished art on one of the tables where they have their meals. Looking good!
Thanks for reading. At Lakeside Manor we are committed to providing on going fun and mentally stimulating activities for out residents.