Hospice Facility San Diego

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Lakeside Manor is a Hospice facility that accommodates San Diego Hospice Care providers to ensure residents are comfortable during the final stages of life’s journey.

Hospice care is delivered by a group of compassionate professionals who aim to make every day as comfortable as possible for your loved one. This soft and gentle approach to care enables Hospice patients to live each day to the fullest while being surrounded by loved ones and visiting family members.

The principal concentration of San Diego Hospice Care is focusing on the symptoms of the patient’s condition. The goal on a hourly basis is to control pain, manage discomfort and provide the highest quality of life possible.

Hospice Care is a very specialized program designed to provide support to you and your loved ones during the terminal stages of life. Our Hospice facility concentrates on comfort rather than the cure for the illness. The primary goal is to provide your loved one with an alert & pain free environment and to enable them to enjoy the remaining days as much as possible.

Hospice programs treat the full range of needs with special attention given to a patient’s emotional and physical well-being. The care should be provided by a team of experts who have deep expertise in this field.


Hospice Care Eligibility

There are many misconceptions surrounding Hospice Care. Hospice Care is actually available to any person at any age. There are no illness or treatments that automatically exclude Hospice Care.

Lakeside Manor welcomes Hospice Providers into the facility to make families and residents as comfortable as possible during their final days.

If you believe it is time for your loved one to start receiving Hospice Care, don’t hesitate to contact us today to help facilitate. We would be happy to invite you in for a tour of the facility and elaborate on how we work hand in hand with San Diego Hospice Companies. Contact Us today to schedule a consultation.