Questions to Ask When Interviewing a San Diego Dementia Care Facility

by Dan Bailey

    In the Process of interviewing a San Diego Dementia Care Facility? This comprehensive guide will arm you with the right questions to ask your prospective San Diego Dementia Care Facility. Take the time to clearly write down the specific needs of your loved one.  What type of environment do they need to thrive, what specific […]

    When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care

    by Dan Bailey

      The type of care your elderly loved one requires can change over time. You may soon need to choose between memory care assisted living facilities. Finalizing that decision is not so simple, however. For starters, there is no guarantee that your older relative will agree to the move. They are more likely to decline if […]

      Understanding Vascular Dementia

      by Dan Bailey
        vascular dementia

        As our parents and grandparents age, many of us cannot help but think of what conditions may affect them. Among those that prompt the greatest amount of concern is vascular dementia. Being fearful of a condition that affects the mind is understandable, but we cannot afford to be overwhelmed by that sense of dread. To […]

        What is Durable Power of Attorney?

        by Dan Bailey
          durable power of attorney

          The unpredictability of life incentivizes us to prepare for even the grimmest of scenarios. It’s why everyone should know more about the term durable power of attorney (DPOA) and how it can help us maintain some semblance of control even if things do take a turn for the worse. You’ve likely heard of the term […]

          Who Can Override Power of Attorney?

          by Dan Bailey
            override power of attorney

            We want to be in complete control of our lives. Sometimes though, there are circumstances that prevent that from happening, which is why power of attorney (POA) can prove to be a highly useful legal tool. You probably have a general idea of what power of attorney is all about and why you may need […]

            The Best Foods That Fight Dementia

            by Dan Bailey
              foods that fight dementia

              At this point in time, there is still no known cure for dementia. However, there are ways to prevent it, and one thing worth trying is to eat more foods that fight dementia. Before diving into how eating certain types of food can help in the fight against dementia, it’s worth taking the time to […]

              Dealing with Depression in Seniors

              by Dan Bailey
                depression in seniors

                Depression can affect us all. You may initially develop the illness during your teenage years, or it could pop up later in life as depression in seniors is well-documented. To gain a better sense of how prevalent depression is, consider some of the facts provided by the WHO. According to the WHO, over 264 million […]

                Beware of These Early Signs of Glaucoma

                by Dan Bailey

                  The world we live in is beautiful beyond words and is truly one worth marveling at. Unfortunately, not all of us will continue to admire the world around us, especially if we fail to recognize the early signs of glaucoma. How many of us are at risk of potentially losing our vision due to glaucoma? […]

                  Best Dogs for Senior Citizens

                  by Dan Bailey
                    best dogs for seniors

                    If you are an older adult who loves dogs, you should not let your advanced years become a determining factor in your dog ownership. There are many dogs for seniors out there that will fit your lifestyle. For instance, if you live in an adult care facility, you need to find out if you will […]

                    KISS-CUT KOI

                    by Lani Calvert

                      KISS-CUT KOI Residents had fun making brilliant Koi fish with glitter in the craft class. Framed, they are worthy of either giving as a gift or hanging on the wall of their room to constantly remind them of something beautiful that they made themselves. Framed glittered Koi fish. At Lakeside Manor all residents have the […]

                      Improving Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

                      by Dan Bailey

                        Dementia progresses through 7 stages of decline over a period of several years. During the first 6 stages, dementia patients are still capable of leading productive, satisfying lives. Some people think that once a person is diagnosed, they are no longer capable of doing any of the normal activities they once did. In reality, people […]

                        Easy Crafts for Seniors with Dementia

                        by Dan Bailey

                          For those whose lives have never been touched by dementia, it’s not always easy to recognize the positive impact a class in crafts for dementia patients can have, especially since some of the participants of an art and crafts class don’t remember what they’ve done minutes later. People who haven’t seen what dementia is like […]

                          Alzheimer’s Communication: How to Talk to Someone with Alzheimer’s

                          by Dan Bailey

                            Talking to someone with Alzheimer’s can be a frustrating task if you don’t take the right approach. Effective Alzheimer’s communication often takes a lot more effort than just talking for the sake of breaking the silence. Like any conversation, one with an Alzheimer’s patient is an opportunity to express their thoughts and feel important. It’s […]

                            What is Assisted Living & Is It Worth It?

                            by Dan Bailey

                              Because it is a less well-known service offered for elderly care, many people still often ask “what is assisted living?” Assisted living bridges the gap between fully independent living and various levels of round-the-clock care. It gives seniors an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living on their own without most of the restrictions necessary […]

                              What Is Assistive Technology?

                              by Dan Bailey

                                The simple definition of assistive technology (AT) is “anything that makes life easier for people with disabilities.” They may use highly advanced technology like speech recognition software. They can also be as simple as a book with large print. Assistive technology for dementia patients helps patients remain independent and encourages social interaction longer. Depending on […]

                                How to Pay for Assisted Living for Your Loved Ones

                                by Dan Bailey

                                  At-home care is the first choice for the majority of seniors but sometimes it is not the safest or most cost-effective option. Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other progressive diseases do best with around-the-clock care, and this leaves many families wondering how to pay for assisted living for their loved ones. With proper planning, assisted […]