Lakeside Manor Rates

All Inclusive    ~  except for diapers

Pro-rated Daily  ~  pay for stay only

Shared Room   ~ $300 / month less

Assessment Move in Fee   ~ $ 700, only if we accept

                                                            Private  Room               Incontinent    

Basic  & Daily Living Care                  4450                             4750

Additional  Assistance with
Daily Living Care                                   4750                             4950                    

End of Life  – Palliative
&/or   Hospice Care                                          200 per day

                                                             What’s  Included:

Basic & Daily Living Care

24 hour Care and Supervision                   Awake staff at night            Assistance with Daily Living Activities

3 home cooked meals + Snacks                 Dressing & Bathing             Activities, Music, Singing, Crafts

Medication Management                            Laundry                                 Room Cleaning

Additional Assistance with Daily Living Care

Additional staff assistance and increased level of care with daily living activities throughout the day and night including:

Awake at night                                    Clothing Selection                    Dressing and changing

Incontinent care                                2 hour toileting                          Transfers: bed>wheelchair>chair>couch

Side-by-side Assistance as needed using walkers               Assistance w/ wheelchair use  and movement

Additional personal at-your-side assistance with feeding & hydration

Additional night-time personal care as needed

End of Life  –  Palliative  &/or  Hospice Care

This level of care includes most if not all the care in the room and in the bed with a 2 hour Care Log:

Time Checked                                           Position in bed                        Re-position

Hygiene check                                          Incontinent care                      Skin Care

Record Intake                                           Record Output                        Record Hydration

Feeding in bed                                          Bathing in bed                         Change bedding

Attention to and care of family members and their needs while they are at Lakeside Manor at this time.